Our numbers speak for themselves

Our culture and strong family values are the reason for our success.

We serve more than 160 customer companies in Florida. We have been growing about 35% to 40% per year.

A lot of companies look at employees as cogs in a wheel who exist solely to help the organization advance its goals. Some leaders act as taskmasters who dole out authority and don’t care how work gets done, as long as it’s delivered on time.

We put our employees first so they in-turn put our clients first.

At New Life Facility Services, we decided to buck tradition and take a different approach. As leaders of the company, we care more about being part of the team and setting people up for success than making sure everyone knows who’s boss is. That’s why servant leadership is our go-to leadership style. By keeping our organizational structure flat and empowering our employees to make decisions, we ensure that our clients are never more than two steps away from an ultimate decision-maker. The result is faster response times, quicker decision-making, and greater local support, all driven by staff members who are dedicated to meeting your needs.

The Inverted Pyramid®

As a key leadership practice, we listen to our employees and consider their proposals for improvement. Day by day, we empathize and discover weaknesses and strengths and how we can overcome them together.